Rocket League’s Radical Summer is All 80’s

Starting June 10 Rocket League will bring in the 1980’s for this summer’s limited time event, called Radical Summer.

The Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and KITT from Knight Rider will be available as paid DLC, for $1.99 each, with numerous other 80’s cosmetics redeemable with the limited time in-game currency.

Psyonix outlined the full list of franchises to expect in Radical Summer on their blog:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Knight Rider
  • Back to the Future
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • The Goonies
  • Karate Kid
  • DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender
  • WWE

This event will include new game modes, including a Ghostbusters themed mode.

A patch for Rocket League is available today, preparing the way for this event. With it comes three new songs and a handful of small changes and bugfixes.