9 Games that Will Make the PlayStation Classic Great

PlayStation has announced a new mini-classic-console this week, very similar to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic, and aims to launch the tiny system on December 3. The PlayStation Classic, which is said to be 45 percent smaller than the original PlayStation console, will retail for $99, include 20 pre-loaded games, and 2 original PlayStation controllers (without the analog).

Games like Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Tekken III, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Wild Arms are said to be included in the PlayStation Classic, but the remaining 15 games have yet to be revealed.

While we’re definitely excited for the PlayStation Classic, here are 9 games that MUST be on the system when it launches this December.

It’s been years since we’ve played the original Metal Gear Solid. Sneaking up on enemies and hiding in boxes would be great to do again, and what better console to play the original Metal Gear Solid than the brand new PlayStation Classic system.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins is one of the best games for the original PlayStation – it was also one of the coolest games to offer gore at the time. If anything, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins has to be one of the most overlooked and underrated games for the PlayStation. From creeping up behind enemies and stabbing them in the back, or cruising your way across town above rooftops, Tenchu has it all and really needs a spot on the PlayStation Classic.

OK, we know that Capcom is releasing a HD version of Resident Evil 2 in the near future, and although it will be nice to play the game in high definition, it would be equally enjoyable to kill zombies in its true nature.

Legend of Dragoon is one of the best JRPGs on the PlayStation, and does a great job with giving the player more variety with turned-based combat by introducing the addition system, which allows the ability to chain attacks together in order to use powerful finishers to dispatch foes. Alongside a plot of insidious forces trying to destroy the world, a wonderful cast of characters make this a must have for the PS Classic.

MediEvil, is an adventure game with dark humor, about the “hero,” Dan Fortesque, returning from the dead in order to fight the evil wizard, whose armies murdered him. This hack and slash is always taking chances to make fun of its protagonist by pointing out that he was not actually a hero, but the first person to die in battle. While Sony has announced a HD remake, this silly title would be at home on this console.

Digimon World was a great title that mixed having a tamagotchi with the battle system of Pokemon. This title opens up with you being dropped into the digital world and introduced to your own digital monster. How you raise this beast determines their evolution and if your champion will be a powerful beast or giant sludge.

Since Sony just released Marvel Spiderman for PlayStation 4, it would be a treat to be able to go and play Spider-Man on the PS Classic. I remember spending hours on this title trying to collect all of the suits and comic books that were scattered throughout levels. This title also had an enjoyable plot with a humorous Venom. Sony should definitely ride the hype of Spider-man and bring this title to the PS Classic.

We haven’t seen any sign of a HD release of Silent Hill, so it would be nice to be able to revisit this horror classic on the PS Classic. With the eerie atmosphere and unique monsters, this game was a staple of the console and deserves a spot, so fans may have a chance to revisit the town of Silent Hill.

Usually movie tie-in games are terrible and should be left alone, but Toy Story 2 is a special title that made you feel like Buzz Lightyear. I enjoyed playing this game, because of the unique stages, ranging from construction sites to toy stores. While short, this title was a lot of fun with a lot to do, and took some liberties and added to the original plot of the movie, and gave a larger focus on how Buzz and his gang got to Big Al’s Toy Barn. For these reasons, Toy Story 2 deserves a place on the PS Classic.