Best Indie Game 2018: Dead Cells

Motion Twin’s Dead Cells had a busy 2018. The roguelike-Metroidvania made headlines over a plagiarized review but also won Best Action Game at The Game Awards. Initially released in 2017 on Early Access, Dead Cells combined multiple gaming genres into something unique for players.

On one hand, Dead Cells played like today’s roguelikes. You spawn in an area of the game world and try to see how far you can get. On the other hand, it was also reminiscent of Metroidvanias of old, exploring intricate maps and unlocking new areas as you become stronger.

Accompanied by beautiful pixel art and engaging music, Dead Cells was a complete package that delivered on its Early Access potential with post-launch success. It’s no wonder why it won Best Action Game at The Game Awards, beating out the likes of Call of Duty and Destiny, and it’s no wonder why it is The State of Games’ Best Indie Game for 2018.

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