Best PC Game 2018: Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital by Two Point Studios is a spiritual successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital by Bullfrog Productions. Theme Hospital is something of a cult classic, and expectations for Two Point Hospital were high. Fortunately, the first game by Two Point Studios, founded by alums of Bullfrog, delivered. This is a sim management game in which you’re tasked with running a hospital. Don’t worry, it’s not as serious as it sounds.

You’ll cure illnesses like Mock Star, in which the afflicted develop a psychological disorder that causes them to act and dress as though they are a rock star, and Jest Infection, which causes people to become clowns. You build wacky treatment facilities, like a machine that sucks the humor out of people to cure their Jest Infection. The goal is to streamline your facilities and be profitable. The game gives you specific goals to aim for, and you’ll frequently be interrupted with medical emergencies that see your hospital flooded with a specific illness, stressing your capability to cure everybody before they die.

The game is full of charm and humor, and it’s one of those PC games you can start up and the next time you see a clock, hours have passed. Be sure to not lose track of too much time while playing Two Point Hospital, our pick for Best PC Game of 2018.