Best Score/Soundtrack 2018: Octopath Traveler and Spider-Man

After our team’s initial votes were counted, a couple categories required a tiebreaker. Just one tiebreaker was unable to be broken, so we have co-winners for Best Score/Soundtrack, Nintendo Switch’s Octopath Traveler, and PlayStation 4’s Spider-Man.

Octopath Traveler

You know you’re hearing an awesome song when you can’t help but tap your foot or grab your imaginary drumsticks to your imaginary drum kit.

With 2018 nearing the end, we at The State of Games took a vote and have concluded that Octopath Traveler not only stole the show for the Nintendo Switch, but has also grabbed the award for best soundtrack of 2018.

While this may be a surprise for some, only those who have played the game or have heard a track or two will understand why Octopath most definitely deserves the award.

Just have a listen to one of Octopath Travelers’ battle themes:

And while the previous song seemingly appears to be intense and battle driven, the track below showcases an array of emotion, proving this soundtrack is diverse in flavor and absolutely wonderful.

Read our full review here.

-Peter Lopez

Marvel’s Spider-Man

I personally feel like orchestral scores in video games range from forgettable, to good but nothing to write home about, but thankfully this year’s Spider-man managed to become a memorable part of the overall experience.

The score for Spider-Man is reminiscent to the Sam Raimi films from the early 2000’s. It truly added to the feeling of how much this felt like a movie. This is most prevalent in how the score swells when you’re swinging through the streets of New York.

I found that some of my favorite tracks are the ones of that consist of elements of electronic music, while subtle truly add to the ambiance of the game’s villains and enemies. For these reasons, Spider-Man is one of the greatest scores of 2018.

-Dawson Helton