E3 2018 Predictions: Xbox

With the recent delay of Crackdown 3 to 2019, Microsoft really needs to kick it into gear and come into E3 2018 with a bang.

Although the company has been quiet on what it plans to reveal during the E3 2018 briefing, we can only hope to see our predictions come through and our expectations met.

Here are our predictions for Microsoft’s E3 2018 briefing.

Xbox needs to dig into their catalog and get some exclusives made. I say it’s time to bring back Perfect Dark. Also, Phil Spencer refers to their 2018 E3 lineup as their best lineup ever, at least twice. – David Quigley

I really hope this one comes true, but I suspect that Microsoft will bring the Xbox Game Pass to Windows PC. Much like the Xbox One version, the Xbox Game Pass for PC will allow users to play Xbox titles, new and old, for the $9.99 price a month. – Peter Lopez

Not to be incredibly predictable, but there’s a good chance that Microsoft will reveal another Halo or Gears of War game for Xbox One and Windows PC. As of right now, it would seem like Microsoft doesn’t really have what it takes to announce a new blockbuster, original game for Xbox One, so falling back on seasoned properties seems a bit reasonable at this point. – Peter Lopez

Rocksteady should be announcing their Superman game. We might not see gameplay but maybe a cinematic and a release date or window – Patrick Okolo