Game of the Year 2018: God of War

God of War, in my opinion, deserves to win Game of the Year, and the Best PlayStation 4 Game category. It manages to take a character that is completely unrelatable and turn him into a wonderful protagonist. This premise set Kratos and his son up for a simple yet unforgettable story that puts the God Killer into Norse mythology, and shows how he handles the ghosts of his past through wonderful storytelling, visceral combat, and gorgeous graphics.

Along with an amazing story, God of War changes the combat from the dated system that focused on a fixed camera and massive combos, to an over-the-shoulder camera with more up-close and personal brawling with one of the coolest weapons I’ve seen, the Leviathan Axe. Not only does the axe have ice powers and deal massive damage, but Kratos can throw and retrieve his weapon in a manner similar to Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. I found that the versatility of this weapon to be delightful, and I found that I never grew bored with using it.

God of War is a beautiful game, especially on the PlayStation 4 Pro. From the World of the Dead to the Lake of the Nine, this is one of the most detailed and beautiful worlds I have seen this generation. One of my favorite areas of the game would have to Muspelheim, because of the blazing inferno draped against a grim world filled with fire and brimstone. Tie this with the unique enemies, it shows the love that was put into the art and world building.

With all of this in mind, it was easy for us at The State of Games to give God of War our seal for Game of the Year.