Game of the Year watch – 1st Quarter 2016

We pick our early choices

Here at VG News Wire we’re going to be picking one game per quarter as a personal game of the year contender, before ultimately deciding on our consensus pick at the end of 2016. These selections represent our favorite games that were released from January through March.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

My earlier game of the year leader is the February PSN release of Crypt of the NecroDancer from Brace Yourself Games. It’s a roguelike rhythm based dungeon crawler, sort of like playing a top-down Zelda game but everything moves to the beat of the music. Levels are procedurally generated, so you never see the same setup twice. There’s a handful of different characters that each add their own twist to the core gameplay. In NecroDancer it’s easy to learn the basics, difficult to master, and fits right at home on the Vita. -David Quigley

[wpvideo 023qloAH]


Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

As an individual who grew up playing Super Nintendo video games, Renegade Kid’s, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge immediately hit the spot. It essentially has everything you need: from tough enemy encounters, to incredible level design, and simplistic controls, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge has to be my pick for top game in Q1, and certainly sits as a potential GOTY contender.

Even though I died more than i’d like to admit, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is a video game that still provides hours, upon hours of bone-crunching entertainment, and even though I finished my review of the game last month, I still find time to pick it up and play – here and there. -Peter Lopez

Far Cry Primal

My early early front runner for game of the year would have to be Far Cry Primal. I would say that the experience I have had is a fantastic, between the added consequences of not hunting and a the animal taming mechanics this a fantastic world to explore . Far Cry Primal manages to mix mechanics from the previous installments while giving the player a glimpse of Europe in 10,000 B.C. Ubisoft showed a lot of initiative in this game with the lack of guns and forcing the player to focus on crafting and survival. -Dawson Helton

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