Gears of War 4 Beta – Several tips to get you started

Here’s a few quick Gears of War 4 beta tips for beginners.

Microsoft has officially opened the doors to the Gears of War 4 Beta to those who have played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One and/or Windows 10.

Keep in mind, Microsoft requires an active Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play the Gears of War 4 Beta, but if you have an active account, then you’re ready to rock and roll. 

This VG News Wire Gears of War 4 Beta guide will help those who are new to the franchise, and will also be helpful to those who are in the know, but need a refresher.

Feel free to take a look at a few tips down below:


Active reloading your weapon will greatly improve weapon damage. This act has been with the franchise since the very beginning and it’s a very simple task to complete during the heat of battle.

In order to active reload your weapon, click the “Right Bumper” on your Xbox One controller and be sure to keep an on the moving white line in your ammo box. For an example of an active reload, be sure to check out the video (0:07) down below:

Should you properly active reload your weapon, your ammo bar will flash (or blink).


One thing to remember while playing the Gears of War 4 Beta is that your pistol can be more effective than your lancer at times.

For instance, utilizing your lancer is obviously great when being surrounded by multiple enemies within a firefight, but if you’re in a distant gun fight with the Swarm, your pistol provides you with faster gun-fire and better weapon accuracy than the lancer.  

The same can essentially be said about the boltok pistol, however, keep in mind that this specific weapon fires at a slightly lower rate than the normal pistol – although, active reloading this weapon will increase fire-rate.


This has to be one of the easiest ways to increase your kill count on the Gears of War battlefield.

In case you didn’t know, individuals who gain access to grenades may plant them on virtually any object in the game – even people. Simply pick up the grenades from their location by pressing the “X” button and plant them on the floor or walls by press the “B” button. All that’s left now is to play the waiting game.

It’s worth noting that grenades will respawn even if they have yet to explode, so keep an eye out on the fresh grenades that spawn, and repeat the process.


The Gears of War 4 Beta offers a variety of power-weapons to those engaged in the experience.

That being said, most people, especially Gears veterans, will head straight to these weapons as if it was a no-brainer. Whether it be the sniper rifle, boomshot, torque bow, or the newly revealed weapon, the drop-shot, each of these weapons were designed to kill the enemy in one shot if they are used properly.

Be sure to let us know which power weapon is your favorite in the series and which would you like to see a return in Gears of War 4.

So, are you a fan of the Gears of War series? Do you plan to engaged in the Gears of War 4 Beta? If so, leave us your gamertag and maybe we’ll see you online!

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