Octopath Traveler: 8 Tips to Get You Started

Octopath Traveler can be an easy to game to play if you handle your cards correctly. If not, well, then you’ll certainly be in a world of hurt. Be sure to check out the followings tips which aim to ease you into Octopath Traveler, now available, for the Nintendo Switch. And if you’re looking for an in-depth review of the game, you can also check out our review, here.

You can grind but why?

Octopath Traveler is unique, in that the game does require you to be a certain level before reaching chapter 2. You can obviously grind to increase your level status, like most RPGs, but you’d be wasting your time. The reason why is because character levels will increase through story progression. That being said, if you focus on unlocking more characters, rather than jamming right to your main’s next chapter, you will find that increasing levels will come more naturally than spending a good amount of time grinding for hours on end.

Break those shields

Each enemy, whether big or small, has a shield counter that depletes once you’ve become aware of their weakness. Shield counters vary, as some can range from 1-8 (or more!). Keep in mind that every enemy has a weakness, it’s displayed below the enemy character, and a certain unlockable character has the ability to sniff it out. If you don’t have said character, then attacking while playing the guessing game will also do the trick.  

Search every nook and cranny

Once you’re able to travel freely with your party, it’s recommended to search every inch of the map outside of town. Doing so often leads you to collectible items like potions and weapons. Keep in mind, however, that there are some chest that only select characters can open – in many cases these chests were purple. You are also likely to run into enemy encounters as well, should you go off the beaten path, but it’s definitely worth the trouble – especially considering you will gain experience from doing so.

Pick your party wisely

Octopath Traveler can be tough as nails at times, especially when you’ve passed level 20. That being said, it’s advised to pick your party wisely. For instance, characters like Olberic are good for being your tank (one who can take large amounts of damage and deal a good amount in return), while others like Ophilia and Cyrus can heal and deal damage respectively. There’s obviously 8 characters to choose from, but you might have a hard time playing the game if your group consists of characters mostly known for melee and short ranged attacks.

Spend a lil’ coin every now and then

Money in Octopath Traveler is often hard to come by, even if you’re opening chests and stealing from others. Most of your hard earned cash is given to you for defeating enemies and really tough bosses. But when you have it, make sure you spend a little here and there to properly equip your characters with adequate equipment. Purchasing upgraded weapons will make your Octopath experience much easier, even if you buy one helmet or shield at a time, something is definitely better than nothing.

Fast travel if you need to

Fast traveling from town to town in Octopath Traveler is very reliable, especially if you’re low on health, out of SP (magic points), and nowhere near a town. It happens. Simply open the world map in the game menu and select a town that you have visited before. Although traveling from one town to another is easily done, you’re are missing out on things like hidden treasure, gained experience from enemy battles, and potential side quests.

Save often

Saving your progress often is recommended in Octopath Traveler, mostly because random encounters in the latter half of the game can be incredibly deadly – the last thing you’ll want is to lose progress because you passed on saving your game. The cool thing about this, is that save points are littered throughout the game, both in towns and the free world. Save locations appear as a tiny feather on your circular map on the bottom right of your screen, and they look like a book resting on a pillar during gameplay. Depending on how often you choose to explore the map, whether you’re looking for chests and grinding levels, you’re bound to find a handful of save points on your journey so use them as much as possible.

Save points and merchants often leads to trouble

You’re bound to run into trouble during your expedition, and you run into boss fights once per character chapter. But one way to let you know that trouble is coming, more specifically boss fights, are the merchant and save point. These two hang out in areas towards the end of the character’s chapter, so when you see this, it’s best to prep for the fight and save before moving forward.

Stock up on healing items

Depending on who you choose to start with on your journey, it’s going to be quite a while before you’ll have a healer in your party, so it will be in your party’s best interest to stock up on those Healing Grapes, Inspiritng Plums, and Olives of Life. While this seems like a on brainer, your journey will not get very far without these crucial items.