Outlandish E3 Predictions

The VG Newswire editors make some E3 predictions that land more on the wild side of things

Return of Crash

For reasons I cannot fathom, the internet seemingly wants Crash Bandicoot, Naught Dog’s worst creation, to return. I think the return of Crash is imminent, and will be announced during Sony’s press conference. But beware, this will not be a new game. It won’t even be a remake or remaster, but instead a re-release of the original game as a PS1 classic, now with trophy support.

Some will be excited, again I don’t get it, to play the games again for the trophies, but most of the vocal crowd crying out for more Crash will be disappointed and be loud about it. -David Quigley, Managing Editor

Mixed bag of tricks


I REALLY have a big feeling that Microsoft will announce that original Xbox titles will hit the Xbox One marketplace, immediately after the Microsoft press conference. The titles that will go live first, and will sell for $9.99 a piece, will be Crimson Skies, Knights of the old Republic, and Voodoo Vince.


Nintendo has already revealed that it will be sticking to a pretty tight streaming schedule. During the livestream, a variety of first and third party titles will be showcased. I predict that someone from third party PR will accidentally spill the beans, might not be huge but its still spilling beans, on a particular video game that’s being shown live out of being nervous on camera. It could be mentioning a particular mode or perhaps some form of DLC. Either way; someone’s gonna goof!


Ok, so, this next prediction is kind-of a shot in the dark, but here is it: For some crazy, super out of left field reason, Sony will announce that the PlayStation Vita will receive a permanent price cut, which will be set at $99 in North America. Like I said before, this is TOTALLY a shot in the dark, mainly because I don’t really follow PlayStation. Nonetheless, I really hope this comes true because then, and only then, would I consider buying a PlayStation Vita.  – Peter Lopez, Editor-in-Chief

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