VG News Wire is looking for writers, be a part of the team!

VG News Wire is looking for writers! Be apart of the team!

Here at VG News Wire, we’re looking for writers with a passion for video games and the written word. We’re looking for talented news writers, familiar with AP style writing, individuals who love to critique video games, and those who love to tell a good story. Although some experience is recommended, it’s certainly not required in order to join the team.

VG News Wire is a fresh site which covers everything video game related. From Xbox One to PlayStation 4, from Wii U to PC, we want to cover it all as much as we can.

It’s worth noting that VG News Wire is a site operated by volunteers and we cannot pay you for your contributions, unfortunately. But the experience taken away from this site will help you hone your chops as a writer, it will help you build contacts within the games industry, and it will help you establish yourself as a writer towards a potential career in games journalism. Oh, and one more thing, an editor will work with you in regards to writing; this isn’t a content mill who wants to steal your clips and call it a day.

Should you be interested in writing for VG News Wire, please be sure to copy and paste the following questions and email them to Also, please be sure to name the subject title: VG News Wire Applicant

Location and Time Zone:
Interested area of writing – News, Reviews, ect.:
Links to samples – if N/A please submit a current video game news article here:
Favorite video game:
Dominant company of interest – Nintendo, Microsoft, PlayStation:
Would you be interested in creating YouTube videos and joining/forming a podcast?
Tell us a little about yourself:

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