What Rocksteady’s Next Game Could Be

Recent rumors have been circulating that Rocksteady Studios, developer of the Arkham series, was working on a Superman title. An announcement was rumored to occur during this year’s E3 and when that didn’t happen, consumers and outlets alike were predicting a Game Awards announcement for a Superman game.

Now, Sefton Hill, the game director at Rocksteady Studios tweeted that they are looking forward to The Game Awards but Rocksteady won’t be making an announcement during the event. Hill also confirmed that whatever game they will announce will not be Superman.

Check out the tweet below.

It has been 3 years since Batman: Arkham Knight and fans of Rocksteady have been awaiting the next project from the studio. As a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Superman was the most logical project for the studio to tackle next.

With the recent tweet from Sefton Hill, here are other titles that could be Rocksteady’s next game.

Another Batman Game

This is most likely the safest option. It might not necessarily be an Arkham game in terms of the name but it could feature Batman and his family. Rumors are already circulating of an online, multiplayer Batman game that features the Bat-family set in a dynamic open world. I personally hope this isn’t true, but not only is it the safest option, but it’s also the most likely one.

Batman has a huge market value and I won’t be surprised if WBIE is pushing for another Arkham game. In addition, online-only games-as-service type titles are in now and most developers seem to be releasing their own version of it.

A Different DC Character Game

Detective Comics have a plethora of characters and most would fit well in a video game. Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow Dr, Fate, The Question, Teen Titans etc. You could even put them all together and make a Justice League game. This is the route that most people expect Rocksteady to take but with Hill’s confirmation that the studio isn’t working on a game with Superman, it’s safe to say that a title featuring other DC characters won’t be happening anytime soon.

The leaked Harry Potter Game

Around the months of September and October, an off-camera video started circulating online. This video was blurry but clear enough, accompanied by John Williams’ Harry Potter score to showcase an impressive alpha build of what could be a Harry Potter RPG. Being a subsidiary of WBIE Rocksteady most like has permission to delve into any other properties that aren’t just DC. Speculations have already shutdown Rocksteady’s involvement, stating another developer like Avalanche is taking the reigns on this one. I just hope that whoever is developing gets to release it soon, since that trailer looked very impressive.