The Mega Man 11 demo is both difficult and entertaining

Late last week, video game developer and publisher, Capcom, decided to release a demo for the Blue Bomber’s latest adventure, Mega Man 11, which aims to hit current-gen consoles and PC on Oct. 2.

Well, we decided to test-out the demo for Mega Man 11 over the weekend and have accumulated some thoughts, both good and bad, on it.

Here they are:

Holy shit, the demo for Mega Man 11 is tough as hell. But it’s fun though, it certainly requires a bit of time to get used to playing as Mega Man again. With that aside, it’s worth playing fo sure.

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the new, 3D graphic design, considering I’m completely used to the way that Mega Man looks in 8-bit. But I think I’ll have more, complete thoughts on the graphics when the game launches in October.

The ability to slow-down time and also buff-up Mega Man was actually kind-of cool, I tried my best to use this ability when times were tough, which was most of the time, but I look forward to implementing these new abilities at launch. – Peter Lopez

It’s great to see the Blue Bomber finally return to his glory of jumping and shooting through this difficult new demo. This demo definitely shows a return to form, along with a few new tweaks to the system.

I really enjoyed the new double gear system that allows Mega Man the ability to slow down time, which works well with the level design, since everything is faster paced than previous entries. This new ability saved my bacon quite a few times, just because it gave me time to strategize in tough boss battles.

My only gripe was I didn’t care too much for the 3D graphics, considering after all these years of seeing this character stay in 8 and 16-bit for decades, it is a little off-putting to finally see him in HD.

I tried this out on the Switch, and I have to say that this title feels perfectly at home on this console, since the levels are short, which is nice for playing on a handheld system. I would definitely pick this port over the other consoles.

That aside, I recommend giving this demo a try, it definitely appeals to older fans and has something fun for new fans as well. – Dawson Helton