Rocket League AquaDome Trophy Guide

How to unlock all the new Rocket League trophies

Seven new trophies were added with the AquaDome update for Rocket League, and we want to guide you through unlocking them all.

Sea Turtle


Head to AquaDome and score a goal while flipped on your back

For this trophy you need to shoot the ball while flipped on your roof and that shot needs to go in. The easiest way to do this is playing an exhibition with no bots. Align your car with the net and flip onto your roof. Double check your alignment, using only the left stick to make adjustments, and use boost to launch yourself into the ball. Wait for it to roll into the net and this trophy is yours. Another way to get this somewhat more easily when playing against other people is in Rumble. If you get a plunger and the ball is near the opposing goal, you can flip yourself over inside the net and use the plunger to pull the ball in and it will count as a turtle goal.


Get Up, Mr. Bubbles!


Equip the Bubbles Rocket Trail and Score an Aerial goal, while playing in AquaDome

Unless you are skilled with aerial play, this one can be tough. It doesn’t have to be though, just start up a match with no bots on the AquaDome map. Restart as many times as necessary until you start the match directly in front of your net, with the ball and opposing net straight in front of you. Drive at full speed and use boost until you reach the third boost pad. At that third boost pad, continue driving at full speed but without using boost. This will pop the ball just over the top of the opposing goal. Then you need to jump, point your car up, and use a little boost to reach the height of the ball and tap it into the net. See the video below for a demonstration.

Infinite Power!


Activate every power-up in Rocket League® Rumble

All you need to do for this is use every Rumble power at least one time, across as many games as it takes you to find them. There are eleven in total. Three of them must be used on a competitor, so you’ll need to play a bot or use a second controller if you don’t want to earn this one online. You can load up a game with a rookie bot to easily obtain the GG trophy below at the same time. Just keep using powers as soon as you get them so you get an opportunity to see at least most of them, if not all of them, in a single match.

The three powers that must be used against the opposition are The Swapper, Disruptor, and The Boot. The list of power-ups and their icons can be seen below, along with a guide video that includes the GG trophy.
Rocket League Rumble items



Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime

The MVP is awarded to the player with the most game points on the winning team. This is easiest accomplished by playing a match with a rookie bot. You’ll be working on the Infinite Power! trophy at the same time. Just make sure the game goes to overtime, even if you have to score on your own net to make that happen. Once you’re in overtime go ahead and win the game. As the only player on your team, you are guaranteed to be the MVP.

Stopped Cold


Freeze an opponent’s shot before it can score

You can get this one against a rookie bot, but even they are smart enough to use their items against you and that may throw off your timing. For that reason, I recommend using two controllers, or get a friend to help over Share Play. You just need to waste abilities as soon as you get them, until you get the freeze power. Drive into your net and face the ball. Use the second controller to take a shot, just drive at about 25% throttle to give yourself plenty of reaction time. Once the ball starts moving in Rocket League it will not stop, so don’t worry about hitting it too slowly. Switch back to your primary controller and wait for the ball to be nearly in the net and click in the left stick to use the freeze power. That’s all there is to it.



Score a Goal, Save a shot, and Assist a teammate in a single game

If you don’t want to get this trophy naturally, I recommend using Pro bots in a 3v3 match for this trophy. The rookie bots are far too unreliable for both the assist and the save to make it worth the time. The pro bots show moments of competence that you can use to your advantage. Go for the assist first. Keep striking the ball through the corner, aiming to roll it slowly in front of the net for one of your bot teammates to tap in the easy goal. Next get your goal out of the way. With pro bots you should be able to score pretty much at will. Get the assist and goal out of the way as quickly as possible, because you’ll probably have to wait a bit for the save. Just go sit in your net and wait for the opposition to put a shot on goal, just be sure to make the save. Once you get all three the trophy will pop immediately, you do not have to finish out the current match.

Rocket Genocider


Make 535 Shots on Goal

No video for this one, just keep playing and taking shots. This trophy is a grind. If you want the trophy as soon as possible, you can get this one by playing exhibition with no bots and just keep shooting. Make sure you don’t turn on immediate respawn mutator, otherwise the shots may not count. If you’re just getting into Rocket League now, you will earn this one naturally just by playing the game. I’ve played over 1000 matches, and personally average a little over two shots per game. Your play style and what mode you play will affect how fast this one pops. One on one matches will allow you to rack up shots faster, as all shots made by your team will be from you.

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