New features coming to Xbox One

If you’re an Xbox One preview member, you can now access these new features.

According to Microsoft, a slew of new features are expected to hit the Xbox One and the Xbox One app.

As of today, Xbox One preview members will receive several updates which aim to improve social features and “better unite experiences between Xbox One and the Xbox app.” This includes the arrival of the Avatar Store for both Xbox One and the Xbox One app, as well as the ability to view party members and the Gamerscore leaderboard. Windows 10 users and mobile Xbox Beta app members are to preview this update some time next week.  

Here’s the complete list of added features:

Xbox One Preview:

  • See who’s in the party
  • Gamerscore leaderboard
  • Re-arrange pins on home and access them offline
  • Updating Activity Feed in Xbox One
  • Joinable Twitch Broadcasts
  • Improvements to Suggested Friends
  • Hide games from ‘ready-to-install’ list



Xbox One Preview and the Xbox Beta app:

  • Avatar Store
  • Xbox News
  • Improvements to Trending
  • Suggested friends
  • Compact mode for Xbox App


For a more elaborate approach on the new features that are expected to hit Xbox One preview members and the Xbox Beta app, feel free to click here.

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