90-Year-Old Woman Recognized as World’s Oldest Video Game YouTuber

Hamako Mori holding her well deserved Guinness World Record. Image/screenshot via Guinness World Records video.

A 90-year-old Japanese woman, Hamako Mori, known to her following as the “Gamer Grandma,” has been officially recognized as the World’s Oldest Video Game YouTuber by Guinness World Records.

According to the Guinness announcement video, located below, Mori started playing video games in 1981and she is particularly fond of Grand Theft Auto V.

“That’s a really fun game. When you start playing you can’t stop.” 

Like most, Mori acknowledges that both success and failure are often encountered during game sessions.  

“Although it’s fun playing, when you fail it’s tough. But I often fail. To complete a game smoothly to the end, that feels good but when I fail I feel down.”

And while some of us manage to play for an hour or two, Mori seems to take game sessions to a whole new level. She also admits her playtimes used to be much longer in the past.

An image of Hamako Mori playing the adventure game Dauntless. Screenshot captured via Guinness World Records.

“I play games a long time — 7 or 8 hours a day,” she said, “I used to do a lot more in the past.”

You can check out and subscribe to her YouTube channel here. And for more on everything video game related, you’re already in the right spot, The State of Games.