UPDATE: Title, date leaked – Alternate history WWI setting likely for next Battlefield

An image posted early to the Xbox dashboard points to an alternate timeline Battlefield

UPDATE: A new image has leaked featuring a sign showing the same image, along with the title Battlefield 1. This would align with the World War I setting. Also visible at the bottom of the image is a date ending in “8.16.” Only two Tuesdays for the rest of the year end in an 8, June 28 and October 18. Assuming this leaked photo is real, this would likely point to an October 18, 2016 release date for Battlefield 1.

Original story follows:

An image displaying on the Xbox dashboard looks to have revealed a World War I setting for the next Battlefield game, set to be officially revealed later today. The image shows a man holding a trench club, known for use in World War I. The man is wearing a cape and a zeppelin is flying above him, leading some to speculate that this may be an alternate history take.

Next, a former member of the Battlefield team sent out a Tweet suggesting people do some “random” reading on Wikipedia before the announcement, linking to a game named Codename Eagle. It was released in 2000 for PC by Refraction Games, whom later merged with the developers of the Battlefield series, DICE. Codename Eagle is set in an alternate timeline version of World War I.

We’ll know more when the Battlefield reveal takes place this afternoon.

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