Chicken Wiggle Workshop Slated for Q4 2019 Release

Chicken Wiggle Workshop, independently created by Atooi, is expected to release later this year, according to the game’s developer.

“[Atooi’s] current objective is to release Chicken Wiggle Workshop sometime in Q4 2019,” states the development studio in a blog update. “Please know that our number one goal is to release the best quality game, and we will do our best to release it as soon as possible.”

The delay, according to the studio, is due to more content being added to the game and some additional quality of life production. The company is also taking player feedback from the original game, which we reviewed, into consideration as well.

Also within the blog post are three “secret projects” currently in the works at Atooi, which you can grab those details here.

For more on Chicken Wiggle Workshop, feel free to check out the game’s official Kickstarter page.