Disgaea 5 Complete for Steam delayed until summer 2018

Disgaea 5 Complete for Steam has been delayed until summer 2018 due to recent bugs, NIS America has announced.

According to the publisher, bugs were found during the game’s beta release and it will not launch when originally expected.

NIS America has provided an official statement regarding Disgaea 5 Complete’s delay:

“As beta testing has been ongoing, we have been fixing bugs and issues as they were discovered. While working on corrections last night, we came across a new issue that requires additional attention that will take more time to resolve. Unfortunately, until this issue can be resolved, the release date will be postponed, and we are now targeting a release for Summer 2018. We offer our sincerest apologies to all who have been looking forward to this release of the game.”

VG Newswire reviewed Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch, which we really enjoyed, and you can find that review here.

NIS America recently announced Disgaea Complete, which brings back the original Disgaea to PlayStation 4 and Switch in HD – we even have a few screen-shots of the game -, and it’s expected to release this fall.