Fallout 4’s new survival mode creates new danger in the wasteland

Fallout 4’s new survival mode will change the way you experience the wasteland

Bethesda announced that new changes to the Fallout 4 survival mode will change the way players will experience the wasteland.

Fallout 4’s survival mode boasts that the game will be closer to Dark Souls when the player reaches higher levels and is based around the four elements of strategy, exploration, resource management, and role playing. Bethesda says that these “four pillars” will make player decisions increasingly dire.


Survival mode will also be removing quick save and fast travel features, which means the only way to save is to find beds scattered throughout the wasteland. Bethesda has also introduced a wellness mechanic that is affected by, hunger, thirst, limb condition, and the amount of weight in the player inventory.

Owners of the PC version of the game can now download the beta of the game via Steam and provide their feedback via the Bethesda Steam Community.

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