First Hitman Elusive Target arrives Friday

You have 48 hours from tomorrow to find the first Elusive Target

Tomorrow will see the first Elusive Target appear in the Hitman. These targets will be released between episodes and aim to change up the gameplay rules quite a bit. Elusive Targets are available for a limited time, just 48 hours in this first one’s case. Information about the contract will be limited, and the target will not be visible via instinct mode nor on the mini map. Their locations will not be revealed, it is up to the player to search the map to find them. You only get a single attempt on these missions, and if you don’t log in to play during the 48 hours you will have missed your chance. The Elusive Targets are said to never be returning to the game in the future, no second chances.

Square Enix says the advance warning provided today may not be around in the future, and they suggest you follow their various social media platforms to make sure you never miss out on one of these events.

Hitman has seen two of it’s episodes released, and both Paris and Sapienza were highly reviewed by our site.

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