God of War Photo Mode now available in patch 1.20

God of War seems to be receiving updates on a regular basis, and the latest update for the game, update 1.20, which is available now, brings Photo Mode into the mix.

Photo Mode, which allows users to take images of in-game interactions, uses both the left and right thumb stick to browse around, with R2 and L2 for panning up and down. Should the player be interested in returning to the original frame, hit the square button. The new mode for God of War can be accessed through the options menu or by clicking the touch pad.

God of War Photo Mode

Here’s a breakdown of the customizable options in Photo Mode, provided by PS Blog:

• Camera: Adjust the Field of View, Focal Length, and Camera Roll.
• Aperture: Adjust the Depth of Field, Focus Distance, and F-Stop.
• Filters: Adjust the Film Grain, Exposure, Filter, and Filter Intensity options.
• Borders: Add a Vignette and adjust the Vignette Intensity, and Vignette Falloff. This includes a variety of Border styles and the official God of War logo.
• Characters: Toggle the visibility of Kratos, Atreus, and all other characters in the scene. And my personal favorite, we’ve added the ability to change Kratos and Atreus’s facial expressions!

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