Hitman Episode 3 launches May 31

Morocco is the next stop on Agent 47’s world tour

Hitman Marrakesh screen shot

Keeping the monthly release schedule in tact, barely, the third episode of Hitman will release on May 31. This time around Agent 47 visits Marrakesh, Morocco, for the “Gilded Cage” mission. Players will be tasked with eliminating a private banker within the Swedish Consulate, and an army general being protected by a squad of soldiers in the middle of the city.

Marrakesh will include more live content for players, including new Contracts, Elusive Targets, and Escalation Contracts. While you’re waiting for next Tuesday’s new episode, the second Elusive Target will go live this weekend.

Both of the previous episodes, Paris and Sapienza, were reviewed highly here at VG Newswire. Be sure to come back for our review of Marrakesh next week.

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