Klei’s Hot Lava Is Getting A Beta

Klei Entertainment is granting the public access to their upcoming game, Hot Lava, for its first stress test.

The stress test or beta will start on April 3rd through April 10th and will give players the ability to try out Klei’s upcoming 3D platformer.

Those who had signed up for the initial beta registration a few months back will be given high priority through a registration code that has been sent to their respective emails. These players will be admitted first on April 3rd and 2,000 other players will be allowed in during Hot Lava’s beta duration.

If selected, Hot Lava will be automatically added to your Steam library for the duration of the beta then it will be removed.

If you haven’t signed up yet and worried you won’t get into the current beta, Klei Entertainment is still accepting registration applications here and will have more beta dates in the future.

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