Major changes coming to Rocket League Season 2

Rocket League’s first competitive season is drawing to a close, and now Psyonix has released details outlining big changes coming to Season 2.

For starters, the way players are ranked will be using an entirely new system. Rank Points are completely removed for Season 2, instead players’ rankings will be determined via Skill Rating. The intended effect here is to remove anxiety over losing individual ranked games, and making it easier for players to just focus on improving their overall ability.

The Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Divisions are also getting trashed, being replaced by more thematic terms such as Prospect, Challenger, and Superstar. All players will have to play ten matches under this new system before being assigned to one of twelve initial divisions, but that placement will be influenced by Season 1 performance. A full rundown of changes can be found on Steam.

Rocket League Season 2 is set for a February debut with the next patch, will you be taking to the field? Let us know in the comments below.

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