New maps incoming for Rocket League

Rocket League is adding three new maps in February.

Three new maps will be added to Rocket League in the February update, under a playlist called Rocket Labs. Each of the three maps possesses the same art style, a Tron-inspired aesthetic that will serve as a way for map development to speed up by way of not having to develop new visual assets for every map at once. Community favorite maps may receive updated artwork in a future update.

The three maps each have a twist of their own added to the core gameplay of Rocket League. Utopia Retro is based off the map layout from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars’s Utopia map. The look of this map was previously applied to Rocket League’s version of Utopia, but the layout was standardized. Utopia Retro will feature a circular map that allows players to drive into one goal and out the other.

Video of the new maps can be seen on Gamespot's Youtube channel
Video of the new maps can be seen on Gamespot’s Youtube channel

Next, Double Goal splits each teams goal into two nets, angled towards each other with a divider in the middle. The third map is titled Underpass, and features an elevated track around the border of the playing surface. The change in height will offer players new approaches for aerial play.

None of these three maps will be available in competitive matchmaking, at least initially. On the other hand, Wasteland, from December’s Chaos Run update, will be making the jump to ranked play.

Rocket League launched in July 2015, and by December had earned nearly $50 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. The game will launch on Xbox One this month.

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