New Paper Mario Announced for Switch

Video game developer and publisher Nintendo has announced today that a new Paper Mario game is on the way. Paper Mario: The Origami King is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 17. 

“Paper Mario: The Origami King delivers a grand new adventure on Nintendo Switch for players to wrap themselves up in,” said Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nick Chavez.“This game marks the debut of the Paper Mario series on Nintendo Switch, expanding the vast library of games with another standout entry in a beloved franchise.”

According to Nintendo, Paper Mario: The Origami King will provide Mario with a new ability called the “1000-Fold Arms,” which allows the plumber to interact with the environment like “pulling, peeling and revealing new locations.” 

In terms of the battle system, Nintendo has implemented a “new ring-based system” which allows you to line up your enemies in a row and attack them all at once. (View the image down below. Take notice of the enemies that are lined up to one another and how Mario is able to attack them in sequence.) 

An image of Paper Mario: The Origami King which highlights the battle system. Image captured from trailer.

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