Play like the pros in Rainbow Six Siege’s new event

Mute and Kapkan from Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has announced a new in-game event letting players experience the game as it is played during the game’s big Esports tournament, the Rainbow Six Invitational. Referred to as “The Road to S.I. Playlist,” the biggest changes players will see from ranked are the smaller Esport map pool and access to the pick and ban phase.

The Esport map pool is restricted to Villa, Oregon, Border, Consulate, Coastline, Clubhouse, and Bank. These maps are considered the most balanced maps, giving attackers and defenders equal opportunity to win rounds.

The pick and ban phase takes place at the start of each match. The team that is defending first gets to ban one attacker, followed by the attacking team banning a second attacker and a first defender. Finally, the defending team chooses to ban a second defender. The banned operators apply to both teams and for the duration of the match.

Next, players will choose their spawn locations followed by their operator.

After everybody has chosen who they’re playing as, all operators in the current round are revealed before the round starts. There’s one last little twist, however. A team can activate a Sixth Pick, the chance to reselect one operator. If utilized, the opposing team will not be told who the new operator is, nor who it is replacing.

The goal of this limited time playlist is to give the player base as a whole a taste of the pro gameplay seen at Rainbow Six Invitational. If the list is played heavily and well received, it is possible that elements of it could make their way into the standard Ranked mode permanently.