Rainbow 6 Siege tweaking a pair of operators

If you like Kapkan or Mute, I come bearing good news.

Mute and Kapkan from Rainbow Six Siege

Patch notes for Rainbow 6 Siege Update 3.3 are available on the Ubisoft forums. The largest changes are buffs to two defenders, Kapkan and Mute.

Kapkan’s gadget, a laser trip wire bomb that can be planted on doors and windows, can now be placed at any reachable height. Additionally, the large red screw, a relatively obvious warning that a door is trapped, has been removed. The laser trip wire has reduced intensity, making it harder to see. These changes together are aimed at making Kapkan chosen more often by the player base at large.

Mute’s gadget is an electronics jammer that stops drones and breach charges within a small radius. As of the next patch, this radius is expanded from 1.5 meters to 2.25 meters. The larger range will make it difficult for drones to jump over the range of the jammers, and allows the gadgets to cover more wall area. This means it will take fewer jamemrs to cover the same area of wall, and along with Thatcher’s EMP range reduction in the last patch, means it will take just a bit more effort to neutralize Mute’s special ability.

The final major change announced in these patch notes is bans for “repeated” team kills in Ranked PVP. Players who enjoy ruining the game for others online are a fairly common sight in Rainbow Six Siege, and these new ban lengths attempt to gently nudge players into good behavior. Initially, offending players receive just a 15 minute ban, the same penalty given out regularly when the game fails to load properly. This ban works it’s way up to a week on the fifth offense, with a permanent ban a possibility on a case by case basis.

Patch 3.3 is scheduled for deployment on June 21, but these timetables have frequently been delayed on consoles.

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