Rainbow Six Siege console patch coming tomorrow

Ubisoft is combating spawn killing and suspicions of cheating in the next Rainbow Six Siege update.

The official Twitter account for Rainbow 6 Siege has announced that the upcoming version 2.2 patch will be available earlier than expected. Originally slated for a March 8 release, it will now make it’s way to consoles tomorrow, March 2.

This update brings a number of bug fixes, tweaks to spawn locations, and most notably, Kill Cams in ranked games. These replays had previously been unavailable except in casual matches. Ubisoft has made this change to ease concerns the community may have over questionable deaths. The suspicion of foul play alone, Ubsioft says, creates a negative atmosphere regardless if any cheating is actually occurring or not.

[wpvideo IQEu6gzf]

The PlayStation 4 update is scheduled to go live between 9 and 10 am EST, followed by Xbox One between 10 and 11 am EST, on March 2.

Do you think adding Kill Cams to ranked is a good idea? Sound off in the comments below.

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