Renegade Kid still ‘actively developing’ Treasurenauts

Here’s the latest on Treasurenauts for Nintendo 3DS.

On Friday, May 13, VG News Wire reported several scoops regarding Dementium 2 Remastered and the brand new project coming from long time developer Renegade Kid. This development, however, would actually draw several Renegade Kid fans concerned, mostly because they feared the long awaited title, Treasurenauts, which was announced some time in 2013, would again be postponed.

“We are still actively developing Treasurenauts,” says Watsham during an email exchange. “We partnered with Nighthawk to ensure the game gets finished and released. We’ll have more information on that project in the future.”

Even though we do know that Treasurenauts is expected to see a full-fledged release, we don’t know, however, the release date or release window of this project. We can only hope to hear more on Treasurenauts some time in the near future, hopefully during E3 2016.

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