SpeedRunners launches April 19

SpeedRunners is racing to the Early Access finish line

After nearly three years in Steam’s Early Access, tinyBuild’s SpeedRunners will launch on April 19 at PAX East.SpeedRunners launch posterSeveral new features were revealed today via a press release, including:

  • A huge Mario Kart-style single player campaign, with cups to beat and rivalries to manifest
  • The Trail Shop, where players can purchase and sell special trails for their characters, in the same vein as what Valve has been doing with Counter Strike and DOTA 2
  • A Twitch betting system, through which streamers can more heavily involve their players, who in turn will be able to directly affect the game with modifiers
  • A new animated opening cinematic, new UI features, and Mac/Linux/SteamOS support

In a blog post earlier today, it was revealed that the title has sold over one million copies to date. Plans for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were announced in June 2014, but a concrete release date for the consoles is still unknown.

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