Star Wars Battlefront adds new playable characters

Check out the latest characters that have been added to the Star Wars Battlefront roster.

The Couple and an old villain

Han, Leia, and Palpatine will join the fight and possess a variety of skills when Star Wars Battlefront releases on Nov. 17, EA and Dice announced today.

For those interested in utilizing the smuggler in Star Wars Battlefront, know that he possesses several skills that can be useful against a variety of enemies.

  • Rapid Fire – Allows individuals to pull the trigger as fast as they can without overheating the blaster
  • Lucky Shot – Packs a powerful punch against enemy vehicles, players, and heroes
  • Shoulder Charge – an ability which causes Han to get in and out of sticky situations fast

Next up to bat is Leia. Unlike, Solo, Leia is more of a support character who aids rebel troops on the field of battle.

  • Crack Shot – provides Leia with a powerful blaster attack that will not please enemy villains and will stun them as well.
  • Enhanced Squad Shield – This works similar to the Squad Shield Power Card but seems to be more effective. It can actually stop select Force abilities and will allow Leia to shoot out of it with Trooper Bane active
  • Supply Drop – This will provide allied ground troops with a blend of power ups or health boosts for Heroes
  • Anyone who spawn near Leia will spawn as an Alderaan Honor Guard

The final character to be announced, thus far, is Emperor Palpatine, who’s skill set slightly resembles those listed above.

  • Force Lightening – This lighting attack shocks the in sight as well as foes within close proximity
  • Shoulder Charge – Like, Han, Palpatine can also dash out of enemy fire rather quickly
  • Supply Drop – An emulation of Leia’s support feature.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on Nov. 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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