Street Fighter V release date and character announcement

Street Fighter V is coming early 2016

The latest installment in the Street Fighter series has received an official released date and is expected to launch early next year.

Fighting game enthusiasts will be able to play Street Fighter V on Feb. 16, 2016, announced Capcom during the PlayStation press conference at Paris Games Week.

In other news, series veteran, Dhalsim was announced as a playable character for Street Fighter V, and a trailer for the newly announced character can be found here.

Street Fighter V will launch on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Earlier this week, Mad Catz announced a Limited Edition Chun-Li TE2 FightStick for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 console for $299.99. For more information regarding the fightstick, feel free to click the following link.

And for everything else that is Street Fighter V related, you’re already in the right place, VG News Wire.


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