Ubisoft Is Testing New Features On Siege

The new patch notes for the upcoming test server of Rainbow Six: Siege came out today and it foreshadows some changes to come if they are implemented into the main game. These changes are aimed to make Siege more balanced after a recent Designer Note and Reddit AMA which revealed the overpowered nature of some operators, and their movement speeds.

Along with some nerfs and buffs to operator movement speeds and their abilities, the test server will also have:

PICK AND BAN: Players will have the ability to pick a certain operator and ban them for specific amount of time.

WEAPON SIGHT MISALIGNMENT: Weapons and their respective sights weren’t aligned properly and this test is aiming to fix that

COUNTER DEFUSER: Improving the visual and audio feedback of when a player is trying to disable a defuser.

DROPSHOTTING: Animation changes for when a player goes from stand, crouch, to prone.

OBSERVATION TOOL MANAGEMENT: Updated user interface for following a game when not actively in one

BULLETPROOF CAMERA: Some operators will get a bulletproof camera as a secondary gadget

ECHO BUFF: To make Echo more viable, he will now have a second Yokai drone and like all 1 speed operators, his speed will be adjusted.