Xenoblade Chronicles coming to Wii U Virtual Console

Xenoblade Chronicles scheduled to hit Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow!

On Thursday, April 28, Xenoblade Chronicles, a title which originally launched on Wii in 2010, will be ported to the Wii U virtual console, according to Nintendo’s official website.

When the title launches via the Wii U eShop, Xenoblade Chronicles will be sold for $19.99. At this time a file size has yet to be disclosed, but this post will be updated should that information becomes available.

In 2015, Xenoblade Chronicles was remade in 3D, exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS, and was mildly received by critics.

Today, Nintendo mentioned that the NX will launch early next year, as will the brand new Legend of Zelda title. For more on those developments, be sure to click the respective links.

Are you a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles? Did you play the remastered version on the New Nintendo 3DS? Be sure to let us know in the comment section. And for more on Xenoblade Chronicles, keep it here at VG News Wire.

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