Call of Duty Mobile Is Actually Quite Decent

Call of Duty Mobile, which launched to record-breaking downloads earlier this month, actually plays rather decently on mobile. Sure, things like aiming, firing, and moving around a large map can be tricky at times, but the overall essence of Call of Duty remains present within this free to play installment on mobile devices. 

Image captured from Call of Duty via Twitter

Unlike traditional installments, Call of Duty Mobile, co-developed by Tencent Games and Timi Studios, relies heavily on your mobile device’s touchpad. While this may seem to be a little concerning at first, especially for such a high-action type game, touch controls manage to work adequately. Although shooting random opponents online is done ideally with a PlayStation or Xbox controller, swiping up, down, left, and right to maneuver your character around franchise staple maps is pretty reasonable. It can be annoying at times, especially during intense firefights, but ultimately things tend to shape up in your favor once you’ve become acquainted to the control scheme. 

One thing that works surprisingly well is the way in which you shoot your guns in Call of Duty Mobile. Should you wish to take the traditional approach, which is to say you want to take control of your own gunfire, you can absolutely do so. On the other hand, Call of Duty Mobile takes an easy stand on combat, firing your weapon in your stead. For instance, if you have the red dot attachment equipped, all you have to do is hover your sight on any opponent and the game does the rest. This is certainly an easy way to enjoy Call of Duty Mobile, and while it may seem cheap to use during online multiplayer sessions, it actually makes things a bit more enjoyable.

While I still have a lot more to see with Call of Duty Mobile, I can see myself returning to this installment on a regular basis, be it on commute or in-between class sessions. Unlike other mobile games, like Mario Kart Tour, which don’t get me started on that one, Call of Duty Mobile is actually quite decent and can be very engaging from time to time.