Future Star Wars Games Should Be Like The Current Battlefront 2

May The 4th has come and gone and while Star Wars film fans have something to celebrate, video game fans have only received two Battlefront games since EA’s exclusivity deal was finalized.

I spent most of May 4 playing Battlefront 2 (2017) and it is a slightly better game than its initial release. When it first came out, Battlefront 2 was criticized for its monetary system and minimal content. The backlash was so negative that governments took action against EA and the developer had to change most of Battlefront’s monetization system.


Now, Battlefront 2 (2017) feels more like the classic Battlefront 2 that came out in 2005. EA recently added heroic characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker with villainous characters like Count Dooku and General Grievous. This gives fans of the prequels, especially the Clone Wars, an outlet to play as their favorite characters from Episodes 1 to 3. Other additions like the ARC Trooper, Commando Droid, and Dee Bradley Baker voicing the Clones also add to Battlefront’s authenticity.

Also, the developers recently added a new mode called Capital Supremacy, in which players battle in capital ships and land on expansive maps.The battle starts on familiar Star Wars locales like Kashyyyk or Geonosis where players have to capture control points that are reminiscent of classic Battlefront 2. Once all control points have been captured, players are transported to the enemy’s capital ship where they have to destroy specific locations to win the match. At any time, opposing teams can stop each other from completing objectives and this turns Capital Supremacy into a tug of war match that really feels like you are watching an episode of Clone Wars that you can control.


I hadn’t played Battlefront 2 since its beta and jumping in now when people had been playing for years was tough. Every time I got killed and the game showed me who dealt the final blow, my eyes always focused on their maxed out star cards. Star cards are bonuses that players can level up to make their class play better on the Battlefield. Some might make you regenerate health faster, while others cause you to take less damage from grenades or poisons. When Battlefront first came out star cards where locked behind ridiculous credit prices and the best star cards could be obtained by spending money on loot crates. Now, star cards can be unlocked the longer you play a certain class and even though it might take me awhile to be on the same level as players who have been leveling their cards for years, I too can reach that level.

May the 4th was not exciting for video game Star Wars fans and that sentiment is due to how poorly EA has handled their licensing deal. With Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Order set to come out this year and Disney’s Bob Iger stating that the relationship with EA is good, players can only hope the next May the 4th is more enjoyable. I just hope that whatever Star Wars title that comes out now is more like Battlefront 2 today, than Battlefront 2 two years ago.