CD Projekt Wants To Put All Your PC Games In One Place

In a time where PC Gamers have to use multiple launchers and vendors for all their games, CD Projekt aims to do the complete opposite with GOG Galaxy 2.0. GOG Galaxy 2.0 will try to put all your games in one library that will be fully customizable, with a fully customizable launcher that will also have game stats and game discovery.

In addition, GOG Galaxy 2.0 will also import your friends from different platforms, have cross-platform chat and leaderboards.

And finally, CD Project promises to make privacy its utmost priority by not spying on data or sharing data.

No official date has been given on when GOG Galaxy 2.0 will launch but current users can sign up for the beta here

I, personally, think this is a good idea but I don’t think it is necessary. Switching between Steam, Uplay, Origin and others to play my games has never been a problem for me but with Epic making some games exclusive, I can see how this can be a useful for some.

The funny thing is that in an attempt to make one launcher for everything, CDPR has essentially created another launcher to add to all the others.