The latest installment of EA Sport’s FIFA title is out today and while everyone has a preferred mode, I decided to publish my personal list. This ranking wasn’t made with some complex algorithm or a debate with a group of other players but with my personal experience in each mode and the potential amount of time you can get from each one.

7. Kick 0ff

The original mode that has been in the game since 1993 and is used for bragging rights whenever you have a friend over. Over the years it has added things like live player updates and live matches to make it interesting and this year, EA is spicing things up by adding more features to the Kick off mode. While the new additions are welcome, I still feel like they will just be novelties that will wear off in the early weeks of FIFA 19’s life cycle. Kick Off has always been a mode to use to try out the new features and gameplay mechanics of the latest version but once you have gotten used to the game everyone heads off to play the more exciting modes.

6. Women’s International Teams

Originally released in FIFA 16, EA actually surprised everyone by not only bringing women into the game but also not charging extra for it. It’s actually nice to play as Marta from Brazil or Morgan from the USA but it’s obvious to see that the same motion capture used for the men is the same for the women. EA also hasn’t really done more with the mode like adding the women’s clubs but the fact that they are actually in the game is nice.

5.  Online (Pro Clubs, Seasons, Friendlies, Co-op)

The Online modes in FIFA is a bit like watching a preseason match of your favorite team. You know it’s going to happen, you expect it, and some fun can come from it BUT you only play it because you have to. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some hilarious moments in Pro Clubs, where you can play 11 v 11 against people and friends online, and I can see myself dabbling in some online modes with FIFA 19. Yet, you only play these because you and your friend(s) have the game on the same system but aren’t in the same room.

4. The Journey.

Started in FIFA 17, with the conclusion of the trilogy coming to FIFA 19, The Journey is the single-player campaign that let’s player experience the football life through the eyes of Alex Hunter. It’s a nice mode that lets you experience FIFA in a different way and actually adds some authenticity by letting players experience the ups and downs of football and getting transferred. You also get to meet real word athletes and make choices that can differ in your own playthrough. It still feels very scripted and while you get some rewards for playing The Journey, playing it once is enough.

3. Be A Player.

The Journey but without all the drama. If you really want to experience the football life, just play the Be A Player mode of Career. Here you can either create your own character, which is the best way to play or be a real life one. In matches, you only control your player, and the AI controls the rest of the team. Depending on which position you decide to play as you get ratings on how well you perform on the pitch. If your player is good enough, you can carry your team to glory or get transferred to the bigger teams where silverware is pretty much guaranteed. The AI for your teammates isn’t too intelligent and can lead to frustration but when it works it makes playing worth it.

2. Ultimate Team

This isn’t my number one mode but it is the number one mode for EA. So much so that Ultimate Team has now bled into the other sports games that EA develops. According to FIFA Ultimate Team “contributes $800 million in net revenue annually”. And why would it not? This a mode that not only lets you mix and match players that normally don’t play for the same team but it is also surrounded by an online trading component that is highly addictive. Ultimate Team originally started in FIFA 13 and shows no signs of stopping. Even though the gameplay, trading and packs have abused every year, players still come back to create the best team they can to play against others online.

1. Be A Manager

Arguably the best mode in FIFA. Not only do you get to experience football life but you actually control every aspect of it from a managerial point of view. I personally like to play as a small team and make them rise up the ranks of promotion and even win The Champions League. You can also get called up to a national team if your stats are good enough and training young talents to be world stars is such a satisfying feeling.

I’ve had Be A Manager saves that have lasted for 10 or more seasons and I have managed multiple teams across different continents. With The Champions and Europa League now in FIFA 19, I will definitely be playing Manager mode again.