We’ve changed our name and direction

Video games and the world around them have always been important to us. When we launched VG Newswire a few years ago, we didn’t really know what it would become or how we wanted to control it. It was something we were really passionate about, but direction was limited. We ran news, reviews, features, and video, but at the same time, we also felt a little lost in terms of our voice.

Now, with a great deal of time and experience under our belts, we’ve decided it’s time for a change – for the better! Rather than the typical day-to-day news that you can literally find at any gaming related website, you know, the stuff that’s typically regurgitated press announcements, we figured it was time to do things a little differently. Instead, here’s what we’re proposing:

  • Quality reporting in the form of features
  • Interviews, QA pieces, and profile pieces
  • Some experimental and traditional reviews
  • Higher focus on long-form writing – quality over quantity, if you would
  • Guides, because people love these and we love to make them!
  • And more to come in the near future

If you’ve visited the our previous site, VG Newswire, we’d like to take a moment and thank you for visiting. And we hope you continue to visit our new site: The State of Games.

We feel like this move is our opportunity to be better writers, and most importantly, better journalists. Why try to do things the same way when you can be different?