Fade to Silence Review

I’m a fan of the Souls series, and at first I thought Fade to Silence was going to be one of the many clones that I have grown to love. Instead, I found myself playing a boring survival game that focuses on base building and gathering followers. Couple this with glitchy graphics and decent combat, results in this game being a bit of a mess.

Fade to Silence is, at its core, a survival game focused around the main protagonist, Ash, who is forced to live in an endless winter. This means gathering supplies, such as wood and food in order to survive. To obtain these, you have to scavenge for scraps. Along with foraging for these materials, you will also need to be aware of blizzards that can be fatal if you’re caught in one. While I did find the weather to be an interesting idea and tense in some instances, it was ruined by these survival mechanics.

Along with gathering supplies, you should recruit new followers to your camp who will then help hunt, forage, and build your base. These followers grow closer to Ash if their needs are met and tell you stories about themselves as well. While the extra bodies to my camp were useful for quests and building, I felt foraging for food and supplies was better left for myself.

The true key to survival lies in your camp and the buildings within your settlement. Structures range from huts for your followers to various material refineries. Though these tasks are passive, it becomes a nuisance to find skilled followers to upgrade equipment and properly implement supplies. I did not mind the building aspects, but I did find acquiring tradesmen to be quite cumbersome.

Despite the survival being tedious at times, I did find the combat to be rather enjoyable because it is essentially a Dark Souls clone. There are light and heavy attacks that can be used on the various monsters, and all of these attacks are tied to the stamina bar. I felt the stamina bar ran down faster than that of Dark Souls, making vigilance very important in a fight. Battles are satisfying, filled with a good number of unique enemies such as hell vines, snow golems, and spitters.

With all that in mind, Fade to Silence is a glitchy mess. I found myself falling through the ground, my dogs disappearing when I was riding around, and birds landing in mid-air. None of these glitches ever killed me or broke the game, but it remained very jarring to drop through the floor for a few seconds and land back in the world.



Fade to Silence is, in a word, mediocre. I enjoyed some moments with combat and exploration, but was let down by the tedium in the survival mechanics. Technical errors, though hopefully fixed in the future, took me out of the game today. As it stands, I can only recommend picking this up if you are one who has always hoped for Dark Souls in a survival setting.

Fade to Silence was reviewed on PS4 using a review copy provided by THQ Nordic.

THQ Nordic
Black Forest Games
Reviewed On
PlayStation 4
Release Date
April 30, 2019