Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode One: The Order of the Stone Review

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One: The Order of the Stone – Review

“Cool beans”

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One is considered unique when compared to previous titles by series developer Telltale Games. It possesses an engaging story that kept me interested through the two and a half hour adventure, and had me laughing out loud on several occasions. Indeed, Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One bares the same gameplay structure found within The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands. But that shouldn’t been seen as a negative as the series feels refresh when compared to the deep catalog of gory and mature titles by Telltale Games. This approach was greatly appreciated throughout the experience and happens to be something I look forward to upon the release of future episodes.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One is all about teamwork, friendship, and camaraderie. The story begins with a group of individuals who desperately seek prosperity. In efforts to making their dream become a reality, the group of cast members head to endercon, and participate in a building contest in hopes of meeting a renown member of the Order of the Stone, a group of individuals known for saving the world from a ferocious dragon. The story’s main character, Jesse is steering the ship down the right path, but is unfortunately sidetracked when his pet pig is set on fire by a rival builder. After catching up with his tiny pink companion named Reuben, Jesse and his pals Axel, Olivia, Petra, and Lukas would have theirs lives change almost instantly as a shady deal goes south and causes an evil monster to wreak havoc. Now, it’s up to Jesse and his comrades to save the day and search for the remaining members of the Order of the Stone.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One seems to use funny jokes and tough decision making to keep the player interested and invested in the story. These noticeable contributions help the title feel engaging and worth investing in as these instances help illuminate the personalities of the individual characters. My favorite cast member was Axel as we possess the same mentality that is to be goofy and sarcastic at the same time. There were moments that Episode One felt personal to some extent, not because I was offended by a scenario, but because it reminded me of the great times I had as a child with my fellow compatriots during afternoon activities.

Though shortly lived, Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One is jam packed with action-filled cut-scenes and intensified QTE’s (quick time events). Transitions between gameplay and cinematics were never glitchy nor stuttered, but I did run into a few instances where the voice syncing to characters was a little off. This never managed to ruffled any feathers, but it was certainly noticeable.


The first episode in Minecraft: Story Mode takes a lighthearted approach to the developers deep catalog of games that usually appeal to a mature audience. This breath of fresh air is full of good times and packed with action, adventure, and comedic humor. Without a doubt, Minecraft: Story Mode will have you salivating for more gameplay as you approach the episodes climax. The bright side to the temporary dilemma, is that the second episode of the series is available now.

Score: 9/10 – Great!

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One was reviewed on PlayStation 4. VG News Wire acquired the review code by developer Telltale Games.

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