In a time where battle royale games are common in the gaming landscape, any new entry into the genre has to be unique but also familiar in order to stay alive. Apex Legends does this with its revolutionary ping system and an emphasis on its Legends and squad play. These special characteristics of Apex make it an enjoyable experience, regardless of skill, and it’s no surprise that in over a week since Apex Legends released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 it has gained over 25 million players.

Been waiting all day to tell you this madness… @PlayApex hit 25 million players this morning. Read more about it at the link below. Remember we have Season One starting in March and more surprises coming.

— Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) February 11, 2019


The immediate thing that you would notice about Apex from its trailers, gameplay, and menus are its Legends. These are characters that have special abilities and ultimates akin to Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege that are only unique to them. They can be activated once they have cooled down and can really be beneficial for your team or detrimental to your opponents. For example, Bloodhounds regular ability scans the nearby surroundings highlighting hostiles who are close. On the other hand, Gibraltar’s ultimate ability sends down artillery that causes massive damage to the targeted area.


These skills can become even more effective when used well with your squad of three. So far there are eight different Legends and I have already seen meta teams that increase a player’s chances of winning. For example, you might always see a Lifeline whose ability to call in a healing unit and supply drop or a Wraith whose teleporting ability can be used with the player and teammates.



Unlike other battle royales out now that allow players to solo or duo queue, you can only play Apex with a team of three. This means that to effectively play and survive long enough to a potential victory, communication is key. Fortunately, if you don’t have a mic or just don’t want to use it, Respawn has found a way to make sure communication within your team is effective and useful. The ping system which can be activated by pushing the mouse button can be used to notify your teammates of important things. If you want your team to land in a certain area, ping it. If you want your team to pick up weapons, ammo, or armor, ping it. If you want to notify your team about nearby enemies, ping it. This ping isn’t just a dot that appears on your screen but the character you are playing as will actually call out specific details about the ping. This is really helpful for new and veteran characters alike and it’s actually surprised no one has thought about having this feature in previous battle royale games until now.


Overall Apex Legends is a solid game that literally came out of nowhere. The Legends are unique and fun to play and the ping system is something that I now expect in every shooter that releases after Apex’s launch. There still something that Respawn could add to make Apex a stellar experience like a better tutorial or letting players queue up solo or duo but with the transparency and communication from the developer it seems like those features could be added in soon.



  • Published by Electronic Arts
  • Developed by Respawn Entertainment
  • Reviewed on February 11, 2019
  • Released on February 04, 2019
Apex Legends was reviewed on PC.