Review: Battleborn

How Does Gearbox Software’s take on the MOBA genre holdup? Check out our review of Battleborn and find out.

Gearbox Software’s latest creation, Battleborn, is an amazing experience that shouldn’t be skipped or overlooked by anybody who has yet to play a MOBA title. Although its single player campaign is fairly on the short side, its online multiplayer modes grant access to hours-upon-hours of play time. The only caveat to its online multiplayer, however, is that you’re going to have to wait to play. A lot.

It’ll Kick Your @#$, But Make You Laugh

Even though Battleborn offers a variety of game types to the player, I found myself mostly engaged in the title’s campaign mode, which is designed to cater to multiple companions but also leaves the door open for lone wolves as well.

Although I found the campaign mode to be most enjoyable, I can see how it may not appeal to other Battleborn players. For instance, the campaign can be completed in roughly five hours and includes eight missions. Single players will likely have the worst of times as the level of difficulty is cranked up high, and in my experience proves to be nearly impossible to complete. Those who decide to run and gun will easily be devoured by enemy bullets, not to mention you’re already, greatly outnumbered. But adding more teammates to the equation, however, splits-up the intensity and instead spreads the butter across the bread a bit more evenly.

For me, the cherry on-top was the hilarious character banter and dialogue that can be found throughout the campaign. From NPC’s telling one another to “shut up” or epically failing to tell an already terrible, joke, was enough to keep me chuckling from time to time and was enough to humor me throughout the experience. Not every joke was too hot or too cold, but the total amount of jokes expressed throughout Battleborn’s campaign felt just right, which is something only Gearbox Software can pull-off successfully.

The Waiting Game

Battleborn makes gamers wait a lot within one play session. First, you wait for a team to be found in matchmaking. Second, you wait for your team to select desired characters. Third, you pick a map. Fourth, the Match begins – but not really. Fifth, you’re greeted by a computerized A.I. that briefs you on your mission and then finally…the match begins. I wish I was over exaggerating on the extent of waiting before a match begins, but I’m not, unfortunately.

After playing the waiting game for more than roughly 10 minutes, you and your teammates can finally take on the enemy.

Capture, Incursion, and Meltdown each offer different forms of gameplay to players. For instance, Capture mode essentially works as a “capture the checkpoint” style gameplay, whereas Incursion feels more like traditional MOBA gameplay in that individuals must destroy enemy sentries. The last mode of play is Meltdown which has players escort computer based A.I. to their own demise.

Unlike other titles within the genre, Gearbox Software does a great job at giving the player more than the traditional MOBA sense in Battleborn, and instead provides more of a variety of game types to keep the player hooked and engaged in the experience – which certainly works well and had me coming back multiple times in one day.

I would have to say that Battleborn seems to be the perfect gateway to the MOBA genre as it seems to provide the individual with a less intimidating approach to the scene. Battleborn approaches the genre by supplying the individual with a variety of characters, each with their own set of traits and abilities, and lets them run loose online. In-game jokes and character humor is also implemented into the online experience as well, which is nice because not only does it prove that the video game doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it also helps breaks the ice, and creates a “Hey, just go have fun” atmosphere, which at the end of the day is greatly appreciated.

The Final Say-so

When I played Battleborn’s online multiplayer beta, I wasn’t very impressed with what I saw. In fact, I remember saying, “What the hell is this crap?” Now that the finished product is out in the wild, I can tell you, definitively, that this new, full version of Battleborn feels very different when compared to my last experience with the title. Battleborn includes an awesome campaign mode which can be played alone or with friends. Either way, you’re likely to have a great time if you love and appreciate the Borderlands series as I do. Should you not be interested in playing through the five hour campaign, taking the fight online is also fun and engaging, but it does require a bit more of your time; not only to play but to understand the mechanics of a MOBA as well.




  • Very Humorous
  • Campaign mode is awesome
  • Easy approach to MOBA’s


  • Takes a long time to start a match

Battleborn was reviewed on Xbox One with review code from 2K Games
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2K Games
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May 3, 2016

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