Review: Kick and Fennick

Kick and Fennick is out now on PlayStation 4.

When I was first introduced to Kick and Fennick I had the assumption that this would be a simple game geared towards children. Instead, I found a heartwarming story about two friends with an amazing score, fun platforming sections, and a difficult camera.

A Simple story

What caused me to fall in love with this world is the story. The narrative begins when a small boy named Kick awakes from a cryogenic sleep and finds that he is in a post apocalyptic world where robots rule the land. While exploring this new world, a flying robotic fox named Fennick saves him from danger, and the two become fast friends. Kick sees that Fennick’s battery is damaged and he needs a new one to survive, thus begins our journey.

A Score to settle

Kick and Fennick has a fantastic musical score that compliments the world, story, and gameplay. The arrangement mixes the bright sounds of the marimba and other mallet percussion and accompanies it with the darker sounds of a string section to complement the overall tone of this small child exploring this dangerous new world. Although the music has its highs and lows, it does add to the atmosphere and storytelling. This soundtrack manages to create tension during the boss battles and other intense moments of the game. One of these instances is found during certain platforming sections.The mallets cut out and the strings would compensate with a theme that gave me a sense of impending doom.

Shoot your way to the top

Kick and Fennick is a pretty simple trajectory based 2D platformer. The main mechanic revolves around shooting your gun downward and planning the proper angle to get to your destination. While in the early stages this is a pretty simple concept, but the game includes objects such as trampolines and portals that add different ways Kick moves around his environments. All of these objects create puzzles for the player to overcome and puts the heart of the game in the platforming. This simple maneuver is easy to learn, but with all the added variances, it felt as though I accomplished something when I mastered one of these new wrinkles.

An uncontrollable camera

While this game is fun and heartwarming, the camera can be atrocious at some points. I found myself dying in several instances because the perspective would jerk away and take Kick out of the frame. It would also jump in too close at times, which caused me to take several unintended leaps of faith that could have been avoided. While this was not an issue that appeared often, it was enough to ruin some moments throughout my journey.

The Final Say-So

At the end I actually found myself not wanting the adventure to end. This game is a work of art and uses the story to show that we can find a friend in even the worst of situations. Despite some camera issues, I found myself leaping around smiling at the events unfolding around me. This is one of the best platformers I’ve played in 2016. I highly recommend picking this up.




  • Great Platforming
  • Heartwarming story
  • Wonderful music


  • Tricky camera
Kick and Fennick was reviewed on PlayStation 4 using code from Abstraction Games


Reviewed On
Release Date
Jaywalkers Interactive
Abstraction Games
PlayStation 4
June 3, 2016

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