Octopath Traveler is hands down one of the greatest RPGs you’ll ever play. It’s really all I can think about as each new day approaches, and when I’m not fully engaged with it, say I’m working out or slaving away at work, I’ve got Octopath on my mind. The soundtrack is 100 percent outstanding, and the combat system is incredibly unique. But despite having an awesome sound and equally impressive combat system to boot, it’s truly the characters that bring the game alive by implementing wonderful and compelling stories. Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch is hands down a must own, and definitely a Game of the Year contender.

As the name suggests, Octopath Traveler includes eight unique and very interesting stories, each with their own character paths, classes, troubles, and missions. Even though characters like the mage Cyrus and the thief who goes by the name of Therion possess enticing storylines, it was the knight Olberic who I decided to main. Olberic is essentially on the hunt for a killer who has slayed the king, and although Olberic has decided to exile himself from the kingdom, he finally decides it is time to move on and continue his quest for the murderer. Perhaps one of the best things about Octopath Traveler is that you can pick to main one of any of the eight characters. But even if you choose one over the other, fret not, as you eventually come to learn of each character’s past and future.

Battling against monsters, human enemies, and a variety of the two at the same time, is interestingly done in Octopath Traveler. During each turn-based battle, up to four characters can be utilized and each possesses a select set of particular skills. For instance, Olberic is a knight who primarily focuses on sword and spear attacks, while Cyrus deals elemental damage, using ice, fire, lightning and more to destroy his enemies.

Battles, however, aren’t exactly cut and dry in Octopath Traveler, and they can be quite challenging if you’re not prepared. Furthermore, enemies are definitely not pushovers, as they have shield barriers that must be broken in order to deal the most amount of damage possible. These barriers vary in range, anywhere from 1-8 (sometimes more!). You can still attack a foe without having his shields broken, but the amount of damage dealt will be comical. Finding your adversary’s weakness also aids in combat, as some possess elemental and melee flaws. I’ve played a few RPGs in my time, but I’ve never played an RPG that made me think as strategically as Octopath Traveler, as I had to plan every single attack before execution. And if my plans failed, well, my party and I certainly paid for it. All in all, this battle mechanic is excellent, and it should become the new norm in modern RPGs moving forward.

Octopath Traveler has a variety of music tracks, each baring their own wonderful flavor, ranging from intensely driven musicals to eye-watering scores that will break your heart many times over. The best part about of the soundtrack is that it’s diverse in instruments as well, as some jingles have electric guitars with explosive distortion pedals, while others have violins and horns that inspire exploration and mischief. “A Settlement in the Red Bluffs” is a track that I have grown very fond of, as I mostly take interest in the celtic vibes it expresses.

Octopath Traveler is an excellent game – it’s certainly the greatest on Nintendo Switch thus far. This turn-based RPG includes a variety of interesting and compelling stories, each baring personal struggles and tragedy, all while including an impressive soundtrack to boot. The combat system is quite unique and will leave you thinking before striking your enemies down. I absolutely, 100 percent, love this game and it should not be overlooked on the Nintendo Switch, making it a must own for RPG fans and Switch owners alike.

  • Excellent!


Octopath Traveler is an incredible RPG for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s certainly a title that every Switch owner should pick up or at least play. The music in the game is fantastic, and the combat system is exceptionally well done. Octopath Traveler is definitely a long video game, but it’s absolutely worth every minute.