Cooking in the kitchen can often be a drag and sometimes feel like a boring chore. In Overcooked 2 for the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, cooking is more of a joy than a bore and is fun to do with friends. Although things can be a little hectic at times, Overcooked 2 is still very much an awesome game for the Switch.

Too many chefs in the kitchen is actually much better than only one or two. The reason why is because Overcooked 2 demands quite a bit from you when it comes to putting recipes together from scratch. That’s actually the premise of the game, and in order to finish a level properly you must cook individual orders placed before you. These can range from fried fish to making sushi rolls. Meat lovers are also represented with crafting burgers and pizza in Overcooked 2, albeit they’re much more challenging to create.

From boiling rice to chopping tomatoes and fish, each recipe laid out for you is displayed on the top of the screen. Viewing individual recipes can be a little tricky because of the images of the respective items. Be it rice or hamburger buns, all are really tiny and you’re likely to squint from time to time. I avoided this by playing in portable mode so I could hold the screen closer to my face, but options to increase the icon sizes would be a better solution.

Overcooked 2 is much more than crafting recipes, as you also have to cook on a variety of interesting stages. Whether you’re trying to cook on top of a flying boat or building pizzas in a dungeon like setting, these funny and sometimes difficult stages make the game more interesting and presents more of a challenge to you than just plain cooking. What also makes the game hilarious is that you can burn food and set your kitchen ablaze. You even need to terminate little fires with an extinguisher. I laughed so hard when I played co-op with my wife and decided to leave meat and rice on the stove, only to have each item burn and eventually be set on fire. I of course wasn’t helping during this instance, but it’s nice to know the troll option is available if you want to be that kind of player.

Although Overcooked 2 has a simple premise, it’s actually quite challenging but in a really fun way. I had a blast trolling my wife during our co-op adventures, and when it was time to take things a bit more seriously I had an equally enjoyable time. It is too bad, however, that the recipe items are a bit too small. But things like rotating kitchens and unique stage design kept things very interesting for me. Overcooked 2 is definitely a game to play and own on the Nintendo Switch, with or without company.



  • Published by Team17 Digital Limited
  • Developed by Ghost Town Games
  • Released on August 7, 2018
  • Reviewed on Nintendo Switch
Overcooked 2 was reviewed on Nintendo Switch using a review copy provided by Team17 Digital Limited.