In my childhood, the SNES was one of my favorite consoles that held great titles, but Wild Guns was one of these games that eluded me. I finally got my chance to play this classic arcade shooter when Wild Guns Reloaded came to the Switch, and I enjoyed every second with its fast-paced gameplay, sci-fi western aesthetic, soundtrack, and unlockables.

Wild Guns Reloaded is a difficult arcade style shooter with the standard premise of racking up points and surviving each level to get more lives and other power-ups, such as bombs and temporary gun upgrades. The controls work well with jumping, shooting, and dodging in order to progress each stage. I found there to be a steep learning curve because you are dropped into the action with nothing but your wits, and I loved that aspect.

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The world is beautiful with its fusion of sci fi and the old west motifs. This theme works well from the levels, enemies, and weapons in a seamless manner. The levels range from deserts overrun by drones, to an old west settlement invaded by a giant mech. The weapons also fit seamlessly with the use of shotguns, lasers, and dynamite, and all are incredibly useful in battle.

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Musically, this has become one of my new favorite gaming soundtracks, with the fusion of jazz and western movie scores, it makes moment to moment gameplay feel more intense with the use of MIDI electric guitars and horns. Every piece fits the theme of the level and enriches the atmosphere.

While there are not many unlockables, what is there works and relatively easy to obtain with the exception of one. These rewards consist of gaining new difficulties and boss rush mode, 16 bit soundtrack, and new skins for each playable character. I enjoyed being able to go through the campaign just to acquire more in game content.

Wild Guns Reloaded is a fun time and a great way for people who never played it on the SNES to jump into the fun. Combat, simple concept, and score makes this title a timeless classic. I highly recommend this to every Switch owner, because this is a masterpiece that should be in every Nintendo fans library.

Wild Guns Reloaded



  • Fun Combat
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Wonderful atmosphere
  • Fun unlockables
Wild Guns Reloaded was reviewed using a review copy provided by Natsume

Reviewed On
Nintendo Switch
Release Date
April 17, 2018